Reviews and Testimonials

“I have become a regular client of Clear Editors and I must say I wouldn’t know where I’ll be without them. They are just on the ball with every little bit of work that has been sent to them. I must say I’m a bit particular about re-reading my work but even after doing so; Clear Editors are always able to find errors that need correcting. They have great attention to detail, I must say. Would I recommend them? OF COURSE I WOULD!! Thanks for such great, swift and efficient work, every time.”

Miss A

“I have often employed the services of Clear editors for coursework, applications and even my CV, and they have never let me down. Ahead of stressful deadlines where I had all of the relevant content but struggled to phrase my sentences in an academic and sophisticated way – Clear editors were a great help. There is an added element of clarity once my work has come back from them, whether it be simplifying points that were long-winded or helping me realise where there was repetition without altering the essence of the point I intended to make. Most importantly for university students, Clear Editors are timely and often returned work within a short time frame. I am not a fan of coursework and I find I fair better in exams, I went on to achieve a First Class in BSc Economics and can testify to the fact Clear Editors made all the difference.”

Miss B

“One glorious day, I was struggling to get my personal statement for UCAS done to an appropriate standard. Clear Editors helped me proofread, organise and make sense of the words i wrote. She edited to a professional level that I was able to get admission to my first choice university. I was so excited and happy i would 100% recommend her to anyone who has difficulties achieving a good personal statement or any document for that matter.”

Mr C